take some 80hd pills


i didnt realize how far away i was standing omg but whatever katara kyokossakuras catholicnun have fun and donate!!!!!

RIP in peace

this blog died too young

not now mom Iā€™m taking nudes

i cant believe this blog is fucking dead

I’m pretty sure I saw two people from grindr on a date tonight

I have a butt chin.

tbh i just want to suck dick

why are russian boys so cute?

i look so cute now but my camera cant catch my essence when are they going to make a camera that takes pictures like a mirror?????

straight guys are always cuter that gay guys

*picks up weight*
*puts down weight*
Me: There I should be bulked up now

*white girl voice* what?

like my mom always said if you smell you go to hell

boys with dark eyes will be the death of me